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A citizen of Rosemère in Quebec, Sébastien Pitt is a professional Canadian artist working in digital arts with extensive expertise in multimedia production and interactivity at the pedagogical, corporate and artistic levels. In his approach, he is mainly interested in the expressive modalities of digital technology through multimedia modeling as a form of appropriation and diversion, more particularly through an approach favoring modes of incarnate cognition. This propensity presupposes for him that the acquisition of knowledge is a process of continuous appropriation of what surrounds us and that every attempt is in itself a disruption to our environment. 

In his practice, he is interested in the affordance relationships of components in digital devices and systems. He is mainly concerned about what happens to the potential for interference of the performing participant inside, an interactive installation, an audiovisual performative system or an immersive multimedia experience.

In these works, this concern has so far been articulated in interactive audio installation, audiovisual performance and immersive experience. He is currently working on Segments, a research on the collision of the intangible with the visible by the perceptible and felt accumulation of advanced roughness, thus threading on asperity between perception and affects. His creations integrate sound, moving computer graphics, augmented reality and more recently cryptographic art.

Sébastien Pitt’s aesthetic research stems from an apprehension of the ambient space and the elements that compose it as a structure that tends to stabilize by the play of tension and compression forces. Through his synthetic modeling, he invokes objects or surfaces whose roughness react in advance to environments composed of different sounds that are distributed and balanced there. A particularity in his approach comes from an intention to transpose his models into different areas of digital rendering. The constituent elements of its audiovisual iconography fragment and permute into an augmented reality experience while maintaining an aesthetic and conceptual consistency. Through this approach, he tries to provoke ambiguous recognition among spectators, thus challenging our propensity to trust the tensegrity of digital technology as a new concrete reference of our environmental condition.

Together with solid experience as an entrepreneur in web agency, customer relations, production team management and teaching, Sébastien Pitt communicates and adapts easily with all the actors involved in a creative process. Creator of a standardized web content management system (SGC/CMS) for the blind, he has also collaborated on the interactive sound programming of art video installations, as well as renowned DJ DMX light systems. Working on several projects, he is able to get involved in all aspects of multimedia production; from concept to realization, from consultation to production, from support to training, from dissemination to mediation.

Recognized by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, he proposes his projects mainly in consideration of the advancement of professionalization and the influence of his field of practice in the Laurentian region.

Main fields of exploration and expertise:
• Software: TouchDesigner, ARKit, Reality Composer, MAX 8, Ableton Live, Max for Live, Push2, Arduino IDE, Xcode, Sublime Text, Substance, Blender
• Expertise: Ambisonics, psychoacoustics, multi-channel audio, computer graphics, home automation lighting, “IOT”, “machine learning”, modular synthesizers, augmented reality, audiovisual performance, interactive installation
• Protocols: GLSL, Python, OpenGL, UDP / OSC, RestFULL API, MIDI, Voltage control, DMX

Recents works

October 2021
Exhibition and mediation in digital arts presented as part of a project with the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the MRC de Thérèse-De Blainville and Culture Laurentides at the Place des Citoyens de la Ville de Sainte-Adèle on the 15th and October 16, 2021.

September 2021
Exhibition and mediation in digital arts presented during the Journées de la culture as part of a project with the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the MRC de Thérèse-De Blainville and Culture Laurentides at the Maison Hamilton in the City of Rosemère September 24, 25 and 26, 2021.

September 2021
Audiovisual performance integrating 3D elements reacting in real time to sound arrangements composed with modular synthesizers. This performance was broadcast online during the Wikithon of 3L Culture numérique with Culture Laval, Culture Laurentides and Culture Lanaudière on September 9, 2021.

February 2021
Demonstration of an interactive installation entitled “Creuser l’Espace” presented during the 7th edition of the Symposium IX – Sound & Immersion of the Society of Technological Arts [SAT]

Participation in the Quarantine Auction event

Participation as a visual artist in the online event Particules – Unexpected Correspondences – 2020, as part of the days of culture.

Prototype of an interactive installation based on an ambisonic sound spatialization system, supported by an artificial intelligence algorithm.


Laurentian Territorial Partnership Program 2020-2021 resulting from the Territorial Partnership Agreement in connection with the Laurentian community.

Research and Creation, Digital Arts, Canada Council for the Arts

Professional Development for Artists, Digital Arts, Canada Council for the Arts
Master class in digital programming and production in Marseille, France